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20 Card Christmas Box

20 Card Christmas Box

designed and created by Georgia O'Shea

I finished a box of teabags the other day. Not very exciting BUT I kept the box with the flip top lid to re-create into a Christmas gift! Am I the only one who does this? The box was not wide enough or high enough to hold cards, so I pulled it apart and worked out how I could extend it to fit. I then created the box and wrote out all the instructions. I hope you enjoy it!

  • 2 Sheets of wreath paper from City Sidewalks Paper Pack X7213B
  •  Red Glitter Paper Z3241
  •  Green Shimmer Trim Z3087
  •  ShinHan Markers Carmine and Leaf Green
  • October 2016 SOTM Yuletide Joy S1610
  • Shimmer Brush Z3293
  • Bonding Glue Pen 1512 and 3D-Foam Tape Z1151

1st Piece:  Top and back
Cut your first piece of wreath paper 8 x 12” so that it is 8” wide along the top and 12” long down the side when looking at the paper with the wreaths the correct way. This is so your pattern will be the right way up.
Score the short side at 1” and 7”.
Score the long side at 2”, 7.25” and 10”.
Cut along score lines shown in red on the photo to the right. I used the edge of my Shimmer Trim roll to trace around to make the curved corners on the sides of the lid. Cut along the curve and discard along with the two pieces at the bottom corners. Fold along all score lines.

2nd Piece:  Front and Sides
Cut your second piece of wreath paper 11.5 x 7.75” so that it is 11.5” wide along the top and 7.75” long down the side when looking at the paper correctly.
Score the short side at 2” and 7.25”.
Score the long side at 2.75” and 8.75”.
Cut along the score lines that are shown in red on the photo of the 2nd piece. Flip over onto it’s face and fold up along all score lines.

Construction – 1st Piece
Adhere the curved lid flap A to the outside of flap B shown in the photo below. Repeat for the other side of the lid. Set aside.

Construction – 2nd Piece
Lay the 2nd piece down on it’s face so it looks like the photo below. Fold the two base sides up and in and adhere to the base.

Joining the two pieces
Stand the 2nd piece up on it’s base and adhere the base of the 1st Piece on top of the base of the 2nd Piece as shown below.
Ad adhesive to the two side flaps of the 1st Piece and fold up to adhere to the inside of the 2nd Piece sides.
Apply adhesive to the last three flaps on the top edges of the 2nd Piece and fold in.

Mark the centre of the lid’s edge with a pencil at 3” (half way) and use the Thumb Notch Punch to cut the half circle.

You are now finished and ready for embellishments!
I used a 6” x 1” piece of Red Glitter Paper and two 6” strips of Green Shimmer Trim.
I stamped the star from October SOTM Yuletide Joy on a scrap of White Daisy Cardstock and cut it out.
I coloured with ShinHan Markers Carmine and Leaf Green then added Shimmer Brush to the poinsettia and the little black lines on the star. I then adhered with 3D-Foam Tape.

This box holds 20 cards and envelopes in plastic bags!  Use different papers and embellishments to make it suitable for gifts anytime of the year.

You can find instructions for the matching Christmas card on my blog post HERE

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Georgia O'Shea

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